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The Origins of the LORANIMAL
told by ETCS James L. Chanlder (ret)

Yap was not only Loran-C but also dual rated Loran-A so the crew was large. One of the Loran-A watchstanders drew the Loranimal drawing...we had no females in Loran at this time.

It was also a Loran watchstander who put Loran and Animal into one word (I believe he created that drawing) (Below link - Bill). The Loranimal concept (naming all Loran ET's as Loranimals) was not going to stick with me as I hated being called "Bullwinkle". But that craftly watchstander called the Messdeck right after LCDR Hooper became our new CO. He squawked the sound power phone to get the duty Tech and Hooper answered the phone. Everyone watched as our brand new CO answered the phone. He had a perplexed expression and asked everyone in the Messdeck if there is a Bullwinkle in the room. I had to answer because I was the duty Tech...I was embarrassed but that name stuck...I was the first Loranimal...and I still hated that nickname. Anyhow every Loran ET was nicknamed an animal cartoon.

The problem with all this was I fought tooth and nail because I resented the name "Bullwinkle"...but it stuck when our new CO answered the sound power phone.

So you can see why I never directly claimed the reality of being assigned the name of the first Loranimal. And soon every ET had an animal name...we were the first Loranimals Period. However Loranimal most likely would of never made it off the ground if I got to that Sound Power Phone.

Those original Loranimals transferred on and the new name grew to represent all Loranimals. I met Captain Hooper many years later on Governors Island, New York. He actually called me over by yelling "Bullwinkle"...come over here.

We are all Loranimals but that name started on LORSTA YAP 1976 and has grown signifcantly.

Counter Point of the YAP Origins

From John Hartzell (former ETCS) CWO ELC retired:
NOT the definitive origin of the term "Loranimal", but two guy's accounting of where they heard it first".

Three years earlier in 1973 by the First Class Enginman, EN1 Nim R. Gray, the same one that had already assigned animal names to virually everyone in the crew, and who called me a LorAnimal within the first five minutes of me walking on the mess deck and reporting aboard in crackerjack uniform and SNET stripes and designator on my left arm. I became "Beaver", another animal to join the ranks of Weasel, Bear, New Kid, Grunt and host of others.

The true FIRST usage of the term will likely never be known. These are but two accountings of where they heard LorAnimal first. We look forward to hearing from others.

Bill's comment: I served with John at Estartit during his second tour and he was known as "Beaver". I never knew why or question the reasoning behind it. At this point I believe it was a fad at some of the stations by one individual who heard about naming crew members animal names. All the ETs were known as "Squirrels". The logic behind this name was that the ETs worked mostly behind closed doors or cages. Comments are most welcome.

What is a Loranimal?

  Many years ago, I received this picture of the Loranimal, latin - HOMO LORANNUS, or Loran Man.   I'm posting it here because this species is fast becoming extinct.  The original illustrator and author is unknown.  If the author and illustrator become known, I'll gladly give them their highly justified credits.

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