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60 26 25.347 N 01 18 05.220 W (North Antenna)
60 26 17.567 N 01 18 19.080 W (South Antenna)

Fact Sheet

Site Survey:
Construction Date
Constructed by: Pearson and Tawse, Ltd
Established: Established: 27 MAY 1968
Commissioned: 29 OCT 1968
Disestablished: 30 SEP 1983 - Decommissioned
Operated by: USCG
SL-3, 7970
Station Letter designation:

Station code name:
Station Unit No./OPFAC: 96-40475
Radio Call Sign: NMS
Station aka: Scasta Brae
On-air testing date:
Operational date:
Operations Ceased: 1 OCT 1983
Station pair:
Loran Rate:
Equipment: AN/FPN-46 monitoring equip until PCMS installed
Personnel Allowance:
Miscellaneous: 1959 – 1968 Norwegian Sea Chain monitor located at TARVA
1 OCT 1983 - station unmanned - remote ops to Keflavik
Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st CO: LT John F Roeber 27 MAY 1968 - 1970
CO: LT David Orszak 1971 - 1972
CO: LT Henry C Post 1972 - 1974
CO: LT Robert A Danforth 1974 - 1977
CO: LT  Ernest Card 1977 - 1979
CO: LT Ed Scott 1979 - 15 AUG 1980
CO: LT Jeffrey B Stark 15 AUG 1980 – JUL 1981
CO: LTJG Dave Ackerman JUL 1981 – JUL 83
CO: CWO Alex C McMahan JUL 1983 - 30 SEP 1983

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Google Earth View of Loran Monitor Station Shetlands

Picture from google earth.

Received Commissioning material from Alex "Dick" McMahan, CDR, USCG(RET)
via CHRELE-3 Charles "Mac" McLean

Aerial view Loran Monitor Station Shetlands circa 1968

Loran Monitor Station Shetlands circa 1968 taken by Charles "Mac" McLean, from a RAF Beaver.

Station was near seaplane ramp. Masts are for the horizontal log periodic hf antennas. Station was demolished in '06/'07, and the site now has a salmon farm. The old airbase was resurrected for North Sea personnel and logistic flights.

Interesting note: The airbase was one of the major British civil engineering efforts just prior to and just after the start of WWII. Regular raids were flown from Norway. Pipes were laid prior to the tarmac and contained explosives to render the field useless in the event of a German invasion of Shetland. They were still in place with wiring and detonators when the station was built. Finally removed during the construction of the new facility.
-- Photo and comments provided by CHRELE-3 Charles "Mac" McLean

CG Ensign torn by gale winds at LMS Shetlands

This is the CG Ensign broken at commissioning of LORMONSTA Shetland Islands and struck when damaged during full gale (first of many to come) at station.  Ensign was fouled in halyard sheave, thus torn portion.

This may be the first CG Ensign flown from a commissioned shore station in the UK, or the first since WWII.
-- Photo and comments by CHRELE-3 Charles "Mac" McLean

The below photos were contributed by SK1 Tom Simmons 1969 - 1975

ET3 Fred Locklair of Charleston, SC (seated) and ET3 Mike Holland of Chicago, IL

Loran Monitor Station Shetland Islands Entrance

Entrance to Loran Monitor Station Shetland Islands

Loran Monitor Station Shetland Islands

Loran Monitor Station Shetland Islands

Thanks Tom!

Aerial view of Loran Monitor Stations Shetlands

Photo contributed by Carl Burkhart

Thanks Carl!

The below photos were contributed by Merritt Scott (Father LT Ed Scott, CO 1979-80)

Loran Monitor Station Shetlands

Loran Monitor Station Shetlands

The Station

Social Gathering

Change of Command 1979

Change of Command 1979
L to R:LT Eric Card & LT Ed Scott

Change of Command 1979

Change of Command 1979 L to R: LT Eric Card - LT Ed Scott

Lt Scott

LT Ed Scott to right

Lt Scott, his wife, and friends

UK Officer: Captain Brian Maltby (CO ACE High Sta. Mossy Hill) and his wife
LT Ed Scott with wife Helen to the right of him

Friends getting together

A Get Together

Change of Command Invitation circa 1980

Change of Command 1980 Invitation

Shetlands Station Patch

Station Patch

Thanks Merritt!