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29 40 06.60 N 85 21 28.11 W (1960 Mercury Datum)

Fact Sheet

Site Survey:  
Construction Date 1951

Constructed by: U.S. Air Force

Established: 1951

Disestablished: JAN 1981
Operated by: 1951 - Manned by USAF
18 FEB 1955 - USCG


Station Letter designation: 3H0/3H1, “A”

Station code name:  
Station Unit Number:  
Radio Call Sign:  
Station aka:  
On-air testing date: 1L0 – 10 MAY 1951
1L2 - 10 MAY 1951

Operational date: 30 AUG 1951 – AF declared Chain operational

Operations Ceased: 31 DEC 1980

Station Operation: Double MASTER (DM)

Station pair: 1L0, 2H0, 3H0 – VENICE
1L2, 2H1, 3H1 – BILOXI

Loran Rate: 1L0, 1L2, 2H0, 2H1, 3H0, 3H1

On-Air: 1L0 – 10 MAY 1951 VENICE
1L2 – 10 MAY 1951 BILOXI
2H0 – 1952 VENICE
2H1 – 1952 BILOXI
3H0 – 1964 VENICE
3H1 – 1964 BILOXI
3H1 – 01 NOV 1968 GRAND ISLE

Off-Air 1L0 – 1952 Change of Rate
1L2 – 1952 Change of Rate
2H0 – 1964 Change of Rate
2H1 – 1964 Change of Rate
3H1 – 31 OCT 1968 Relocated BILOXI to GRAND ISLE
3H0 – 312400Z DEC 1980 Loran A phased out
3H1 – 312400Z DEC 1980 Loran A phased out

Monitor Rate:  
Equipment: ? – 1960/1 UE-1b timers
1960/1 – AN/FPN-30, AN/FPN-2, AN/FPN-3A

Personnel Allowance: FEB 1955 – 12 Enlisted – 1 ETC, 1 EN1, 1 ET1, 1 CS1, 1 DC2, 3 ET3, 4 SN;
4 others earmarked for Light Station 1 BM1, 1 EN2, 1 SN, 1 FN

Miscellaneous: 1951 – 18 FEB 1955 US Air Force operated the station
18 FEB 1955 station transferred to USCG
1969 - Station Rehabitation
1975 – Station evacuated because of hurricane

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
CO: Maddox 1955
CO: CWO Perry W. Campbell 1967 - 1970
CO: BMC Richardson 1970 -
OINC: BMC Berry ? - NOV 1977
OINC: ETC Curtis Butler NOV 1977 -

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Loran Station Cape Blas

The Loran Station is under water due to erosion caused by storms in this 2013 picture.

Loran Station Cape Blas

This 1994 picture shows the Loran station still on shore.
Storm erosion has caused a loss of over 500 feet between 1994 and 2013.

Photo below was contributed by Ralph Rooney c./ 1954

Ralph Rooney circa 1954

Ralph was stationed at the site while in the USAF. CG took over operations on Feb 18, 1955.
Ralph maintained the engine plant

Thanks Ralph!

Photo below contributed by Ray Hale

Chow hall circa 1965-1966

Chow Hall c./1965-1966

Thanks Ray!

Photos below were contributed by Michael Landa c./1971-72

Loran Watch Station

LORAN Watch Station

dual rated timers

Timers Dual Rated

Transmitter room

Transmitter Room

Thanks Michael!

The below photo was contributed by Richard (Dick) Schmidt c,/1962

Loran station circa 1962

Thanks Dick!

The below photos was contributed by Steve Barnold C./1978

Station Sign
Station Welcome Sign

Steve in action
Steve in action

Larry and Steve
L to R: Larry Hardeson & Steve

Larry. Bill, and Steve
L to R: Larry Hardeson, Bill Hertzog & Steve

The Galley

Number two engine and generator
Generator 2

Transmitter Building
Transmitter Building

Front Side of Transmitter Building
Another view of the transmitter building

Loran Replacement Timers
Loran Replacement Equipment (LRE) Timers

Loran Transmitter Switching Equipment
LRE Transmitter Switching Equipment

Oscillator Rack with Status Alarm Unit
LRE Status Alarm Unit (SAU)

Loran A Transmitter
LORAN Transmitter

Loran A tower
The LORAN Tower

Radio Beacon Tower
Radio beacon Transmitting Tower

Cape San Blas Light
The Lighthouse

Cape San Blas Light, Frenzel Lens
The Lens