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035 50 07.96 N 075 33 32.53 W

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey:

Construction Date Fall of 1944

Constructed by: Construction DET “B”

Established: Dec 1944

Disestablished: 1950 – Replaced by Cape Hatteras

Operated by: USCG


Station Letter designation: 1L0/1H1, “H”

Station code name:

Station Unit Number: 334

Station nickname:

On-air testing date: 1L0, 18 DEC 1944
1H1, 25 MAR 1945

Operational date: 1L0, 010001 FEB 1945
1H1, 11 APR 1945

Operations Ceased: 1L0, 31 DEC 1949
1H1, 31 DEC 1949

Station Operation: Double SLAVE (DS)

Station pair: 1L0, NANTUCKET

Loran Rate: 1L0, 1H1


1L0, 010001 FEB 1945
1H1, 25 MAR 1945

Off-Air 1L0, 31 DEC 1949
1H1, 31 DEC 1949

Monitor Rate:


Personnel Allowance:

Miscellaneous: 01 FEB 1945 – station replaced LORSTA Fenwick
01 JAN 1950 - Station operations moved to Cape Hatteras

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
CO: LTJG Leslie A Mears 1946 - 1947


17 FEB 1947 - Project 38-47 Galley and mess improvements - pdf
21 OCT 1949 - Surplus Windcharger Tower; request for - pdf
08 NOV 1949 - Surplus Windcharger Tower - pdf
15 NOV 1949 - Herbert Bonner buildings excess - pdf
05 DEC 1949 - CG reply to Herbert Bonner inquiry - pdf
19 DEC 1949 - OSU Loran Station disestablishment of - pdf
052040Z JAN 1950 - D5 Equipment Disposal Instructions - pdf
21 FEB 1950 - Surplus Windchanger Tower; approval - pdf


Lorsta Bodie Island

The below photo was located in NARA, Washington DC
Year unknown

Aerial view of lighthoue and loran station

The photos below were contributed by Julian Hoyt c./1946

Loran Station view from top of lighthouse

Station from top of the lighthouse

Loran watchstanders taking a break

Very busy LORAN watchstanders

Hoyt and shipmates in the middle of the road

Julian Hoyt in middle others unknown

Hoyt on guard duty, lighthouse in background

Julian on guard duty - lighthouse in background

swim call

"Cooling off the Monotony"
Crew quarters were on the dunes by the beach which was
frequently littered with floatsam from torpedoed ships

first of crew returning to Norfolk for discharge

First of the crew being driven to Norfolk to return to civvies

Thanks Julian!