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54 35 49.94 N 164 55 32.73 W (1960 Mercury Datum)

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey:

Construction Date JUL – SEP 1943 Monitor Site
1950 - Loran Transmitting Station
Constructed by: CONSTRUCTION DET “A” - Monitor Site

Established: SEP 1943 - Monitor Site
1950 - Loran Transmitting Station
15 OCT 1968 - LORAN Monitoring Station
Disestablished: JAN 1945 – Monitor Station
JUL 1980 - Loran Transmitting Station

Operated by: USCG


Station Letter designation: 1L3, “S”

Station code name: YOKE

Station Unit Number/OPFAC: 25
Station nickname:

On-air testing date: MONITOR – SEP 1943
1L6 – JAN 1950

Operational date: 1L6 – 01 FEB 1950
1L3 – MAY 1961

Operations Ceased: 1L6 – MAY 1961
1L3 – 302400Z JUN 1979

Station Operation: MONITOR – 1L1,1L2 DEC 1943 – DEC 1944
MONITOR – 1L2, 1 JUL 1947 – 1950
Single SLAVE/SECONDARY 1950 - 1979

1L6, 1L3 - ADAK

1L6 – ADAK
1L3 - ADAK

On-Air: MONITOR, SEP 1943
1L6, 01 FEB 1950
1L3, 052200Z JAN 1961

Off-Air MONITOR, DEC 1944
1L6, 052200Z JAN 1961
1L3, 302400Z JUN 1979

Monitor Rate: 1L1, 1L2 SEP 1943 – DEC 1944

Equipment: AN/FPN-30, T-325C, AM-1700, AN/FPA-3B

Antenna Type: 129ft TWR, AS-1088-TRN

Personnel Allowance: JAN 1953 – LTJG ETC, ET2, 3 ET3, RM2, CS1, HM1, EN1, EN2, DC2, 2 FN, SN, 1 FN FOR LIGHT

OCT 1955 – 1 Officer, 16 enlisted

Station Mascot: 1972 - Sybil, Arnie

Bering Sea Chain: Testing
10 hr service 18 OCT 1943
16 hr service 10 NOV 1943
22 hr service 01 JAN 1944
24 hr service 10 JUL 1944

1 APR 1946 Tidal Wave Killed several CG personnel @ the Lighthouse - FN Jack Colbin, SN Paul Ness, SN Dewey Dykstra, EM2 Leonard Pickering, BMC Anthony Petit

1950 - Station re-built

24 APR 1952 – Name change from LTS Unimak Island to Cape Sarichef Comdt Ltr 24 APR 1952

MAY - NOV 1955 - Main Building enlarged to accommodate the regular crew.

DEC 1962 – C123 crash


Found on Together We Served:
Winter of 1967/68 - a Coast Guard cutter in the vinicity of Cape Sarichef had a boiler explosion. There were, I believe, two men in the bolier room at the time who were scalded and badlt burned. There was no port in the vinicity, so they contacted us by radio, arranged to anchor the ship as close as possible to the shoreline, put the injured men on stretchers into lifeboats, and got them as close to shore as possible. Deveral of us waded out in the surf, in the dead of night, to intercept the lifeboats, and retireve the injured men. That was the coldest I have been in my life, but very soon we went numb. The thing I remember most, was looking into the eyes of an injured man that I was porting through the surf, and him begging us not to let him fall into the surf. We got them to shore, and to a waiting planefor evacuation. I never heard how the men fared. Written by Marshall Brewton

OCT 1968 – CO Medical off island – ran off the cliff – XO of C-130 acting until arrival of new CO 2 weeks later

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st OINC: CRM Guy Bellinger 1944 - 1945
OINC: CRM P Pyrzynski 1949 - 1950
1st CO: LTJG Lawrence O Hamilton 1950 -
CO: LTJG Robert E Walsh ? – 13 JUL 1951
CO: LTJG H G Weber 13 JUL 1951 –
CO: LTJG J A Hadley ? – 19 DEC 1952
Acting CO: ENS J A Logan 19 DEC 1952 - 14 JAN 1953
CO: LTJG J A Hadley 14 JAN 1953 –
CO: LTJG Lawrence O Hamilton ? – 1 MAY 1955
CO: LTJG John D Hosfield 1 MAY 1955 - JUN 1956
CO: LTJG George K Greiner JUN 1956 – 22 MAY 1957
CO: LTJG Henry J Roehner 22 MAY 1957 – 24 MAY 1958
CO: LTJG Joel R Swanson 24 MAY 1958 – 22 MAY 1959
CO: LTJG Charles W Faircloth 22 MAY 1959 – 28 MAY 1960
CO: LTJG Ronald G Malone 28 MAY 1960 – 22 MAY 1961
CO: LTJG John E. Footit 22 MAY 1961 – 30 MAY 1962
CO: LTJG Garret T Bush 30 MAY 1962 – 28 MAY 1963
CO: LTJG William T Troutman 28 MAY 1963 – 30 MAY 1964
CO: LTJG John L Patterson 30 MAY 1964 - 1965
CO: LTJG Houticour 1965 - MAY 1966
CO: LTJG Jack Malsom MAY 1966 – MAY 1967
CO: LT Donald G Campbell May 1967 - 1968
CO: LTJG Peter Lawson NOV 1968 – MAR 1969
CO: LTJG Ira Stolzenberg DEC 1970 – MAR 1971
CO: LTJG G Hale MAR 1971 - 1972
CO: LTJG James Friderici 1972 - 1973
CO: LTJG Charles D Wurster 1973 – APR 1974
CO: LTJG George (Mike) McNiff APR 1974 – APR 1975
CO: LTJG Robert Petko APR 1975 - APR 1976
CO: LTJG S Jorgensen APR 1976 - 1977
CO: LTJG Tom Vorholt 1978 - 1979

Fred's Place Reunion Hall

Old -


1960s Cape Sarichef Info Book
302242Z DEC 64 - LORAN A Operating Mode -pdf
JUL - OCT 1968 - Correspondence to Disestablish LORAN C Monitor - pdf


Loran Station Cape Sarichef

The photos below were contribute by Gene Wagner c./1961

Gene Wagner
ET Wagner

Loran Station Quonset huts from lighthouse
Sarichef Light - Quonset hut - loran building

Cape Sarichef station front
Front of the station

Loran Buildings
Loran building and Antennas

Back of station
Back of the station


Loran Transmitters and Amplifiers
Loran Transmitters

Electronics stockroom
ET stockroom

Electronics Technican on watch
ET on watch (scope locked to Adak)

Christmas party
Station Christmas Party (Gene Wagner on right)

Cape Sarichief CO and USAF site CO at Christmas party
Station CO (LTJG Footit and Co of AF radar site) at the Christmas party

Shipmates in crew room with wild duck
Crew in dayroom with our wild duck

Fishing at Cape Sarichef
A bit of R&R fishing

The rifles were for protection, from bears
R&R with some of the crew

C123 logistics flight
Log flight from Kodiak (C-123)

new track vehicle
New ride

Old station view from new station.
Old station below the new station

Old station from the beach.  Notice the white seal?
Old CG station on beach - notice the white seal

Burning the old station
Burning of the old station

USAF site
AF radar site on hill above the station

Old Navy base near Scotch Cap Light
Old WWII Navy base near Scotch Cap

old Prospector's cabin
Old Prospector cabin

Scotch Cap Light foundation after 1946 tidal wave
Old Scotch Cap foundation - lighthouse
1 Apr 1946 tidal wave several CG personnel perished 

Thanks Gene!

The photos below were contributed by Bernie Holland

Station bar girl

Station Girlfriend at the bar.

baby seal

The baby seal that swam up to where we were fishing and it would not leave. We believed the mother was killed by a pod of Orka's going through the pass that day as it showed up on the beach where we were fishing and would not leave. The baby was put back in the water and eventually disappeared.

Dennis Nelson
Dennis Nelson

1966 Crew
1966 Crew

Dennis Sherril

The photo is of Dennis Sherril who was the 1st class radioman who ran all our phone patches and Ham station (KL7CGA)

Reeves Aleutian Airways Grummond Goose

The photo is of Reeve Grummond Goose that a gentleman named "Swede Erickson" flew usually into Scotch Cap and let me say that on several flights I was on in the co-pilots chair when we moved supplies from Cape Sarichef to Scotch Cap were scary trips at best between the wind, rain and snow. ;-) We loved it and would do a quick "Paper, Scissors, Rock" to see who got to sit up front!

Ray Hale circa 1967

Recreation - Ray Hale c./1967

Station Vehicles circa 1967

Station Vehicles c./1967

Thanks Bernie!

The photos below were contributed by Ray Hale

Station barber at work

Christmas card featuring station building
Christmas card - Station building

Thanks Ray!

Again Bernie Holland contribute some more

two pictures - old Scotch Cap Light and Joe Britt circa 1967

Old Scotch Cap Light Station c./1967
Joe Britt c./1967

shipmates Ray Hale and Joe Britt

L to R: Ray Hale, Ray Hale, Joe Britt & Ray Hale c./1967

Shipmates  Bobby Sullivan, Ray Gillette, Bernie Holland

On Left: Bobby Sullivan, Ray Gillette, BM1 Wendland
On Right: Bobby Sullivan, Bernie Holland

RAA plane, Bernie inUndress Blues, and his  quarters

And the man who has provided most of the memoirs.

Thanks again Bernie!

Photo contributed by Michael Brewton

Cape Sarichef circa 1967


Thanks Michael!

The photos below were contributed by Bruce Gray c./1976-77

AN/FPN-30 loran A timers

AN/FPN-30 Loran A Timer

Radio room

Radio Room

Cape Sarichef station building

Station Building

Bruces's pick of Reeves Grummond Goose

Log Flight - 1977 - Bruce is credited for the photo

The garbage dump

The Dump

Brown Bear, our neighbors

And one of the neighbors

Thanks Bruce!

The photos below were contributed by Rick Reynolds c./1972

Brown bear

Me and a bear that was shot by the medic while he was sighting in a new rifle.  He said it was self defense but that story seemed a bit odd to some of us.  Maybe someone else would like to comment on this. :-)

"After the bear was shot we called Fish and Game and they flew out and took it away."

Rebuttal - now the rest of the story

Well, I guess the fellow the bear was chasing would disagree with your assumption, he was on all fours scrambling uphill yelling" shoot the bear", and the bear was running straight for him and probably 70 yds behind when I shot it. To this day I dont know why the bear did this (They usually ran away) and I actually hesitated before making the shot. For me it was a pretty lucky shot I was probably 150 yds. away. He reported emphatically to the CO I saved his life and offered me money, (Which I refused). We skinned the bear out back at base because I couldnt find the bullet entry of the first killing shot (I actually shot it again when I got closer because the fellow saw it was still moving a little and was screaming "Shoot it again") We found the first shot went directly up its bum killing instantly. The skin and pelt were returned to fish and game which is routine in these kinds of situations, and no further action was taken. - Pat Reischmann HM2

Cape Sarichef station building

While I was there the second story was finished and ready for us. Part of my job was to work on the equipment move from the old building to this one.

Coast Guard Logistics flight

One of our supply planes.  Luckily the fire proof suites never were tested. Sorry, I don't remember their names.

Arnie, station mascot

When I went hiking I would take this dog since he was really good with the bears.  His name was Arney.  The is the view behind the light/fog horn house not far from the barracks.

Rick Reynolds circa 1972

Me in the equipment room. I should probably mention that I was an ET

Cape Sarichef light and fog horn; Station building in background

Good shot of the light/fog horn building and barracks.  The garage is on the far right.  We had some very odd vehicles stored there.  One was a flatbed truck with tires that had to be three feet tall and at least that wide.  As I recall it kept blowing differentials so it was put out to pasture.  They called it the Monster.

Rick Reynolds in Radio Room circa 1972

Me and in the radio room.  I did not man this very often.

Rick Reynolds trying to get a tan

Me trying to get a tan.  No success.

Rick Reynolds and the radio crew

Me with the radio crew (I think). Sorry, I don't remember their names

Thanks Rick!

The below photos were contributed by Pat Reischmann (HM2 c./1972)

cape sarichef circa 1972

The Base

Cape Sarichef main road

Main Road

Arnie rooting out whistle pigs

Arnie rooting for whistle pigs

Arnie taking a nap

Arnie taking a nap

Bear having lunch on the beach

Bear having lunch on the beach

Bear with dog nearby

Bear with dog close by

Bear that chased a crewmember

Bear that chased one of the guys

Bumble bee and local flower

Bumblebee and local flower

light snowfall

Little snowfall

The Goat, a station vehicle

I think this was called the "Goat"

Mercedes Unimog vehicle

Mercedes Unimog

Mount Shishaldin

Mt. Shishaldin

River exiting to the sea

River exit to the sea


Spectacular sunset

Station Crew circa 1972

The Crew

Station bar circa 1972

The bar

Mount Shishaldin - a volcano

Volcano Shishaldin

waves breaking on the rocks

Waves breaking on the rocks

Thanks Pat!

The below photos were contributed by Butch Weedon c./1966

Station picture


Station picture




Wendland and Butch at Scotch Cap light door

Wendland and Butch at the door at Scotch



Crew at the bar


Totem Pole girlfriend


watchstander in radio room


Firing the M1


Butch with a Caribou


Butch with shed antlers




crewmember holding a fox


seal on the beach


crewmember walking through a river


Crewmember at Penicille Rock


Tracked vehicle








larger unit truck


Unit pickup


Crewmember departing


Thanks Butch!