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During a previous tour as the Executive Officer at the Loran Support Unit, I began writing a history of the Coast Guard's involvement with Loran from its inception during World War II through today. While there is a fair amount of the technical details of the program that can be researched, there is very little of the personal side of the Coast Guard story.

In order to make the history complete, I'd like to include the personal aspect of what it meant to be a Loranimal in the Coast Guard - the "sea stories", if you will. I'm interested in the personal stories, the "there I was on ATTU ...," or "I remember once at Hokkaido ..." or "Remember when the missile landed near Lampedusa..." If you go to Jack's Joint and check out his sea stories Page, you'll see what I'm looking for (and yes, I know that there are some Loran Stories there).

I can take your stories in any format you're comfortable with: in the body of an email, as a word processor document (prefer MS Word, but I can ready just about any type of document) or old fashion mail. I'd also be interested in copies of photos, patches, etc. - the things that personalize the units. If used, all personal stories, photos, etc. will be properly credited.

Thank you and regards,

Gary M. Thomas

Mailing Address:

LCDR Gary M. Thomas
Chief, Systems & Networks Branch (atn)
Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area
431 Crawford Street Portsmouth, VA 23704
Email: LoranHistory@aol.com